Annual 10 Point Service Check

Contact your nearest AirClean provider to book in your Annual 10-point service check today.

We highly recommend this service as it ensures your air conditioning system is always kept maintained and performs at its best all year round. The yearly service is carried out on ducted air conditioning systems with your Air Clean filter and sanitiser kit included.

Tasks Performed

  • null
    Replace Air Clean filter
  • null
    Install Sanitser
  • null
    Check electricals controls
  • null
    Check and clean condensation drains
  • null
    Check zone operation
  • null
    Check the condition of the ductwork
  • null
    Clean outlets and return air grille
  • null
    Check reverse cycle operation
  • null
    Check refrigerant pressures and airflow
  • null
    Clean outdoor unit

No Maintenance is required on the NEW filter. Replace the filter every 12 months with your next yearly service.

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